Manuscript Information
City: Vatican City www.geonames.org/3164670/state-of-the-vatican-city.html
Institution: Catholic Church viaf.org/viaf/130782063
Repository: Biblioteca apostolica vaticana viaf.org/viaf/146085455
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City: Vatican City
PURL: www.geonames.org/3164670/state-of-the-vatican-city.html
Institution: Catholic Church
PURL: viaf.org/viaf/130782063
Repository: Biblioteca apostolica vaticana
PURL: viaf.org/viaf/146085455
Century: 15th
PURL: vocab.getty.edu/page/aat/300404465
Date: 1471
PURL: www.loc.gov/standards/datetime/
Country of origin: France
PURL: www.geonames.org/3017382/republic-of-france.html
City of origin: Paris
PURL: www.geonames.org/2988507/paris.html
Format: Codex
PURL: vocab.getty.edu/page/aat/300224200
Extent: 42 folios (misnumbered; fol. 4r is actually 1r)
Quires of mostly: quaternions
Material Support: parchment
Dimensions: 130 x 90 mm
Number of lines: 223
Column Layout: 1
Rulings: lead
PURL: vocab.getty.edu/page/aat/300011022
Script: Gothic textura
PURL: vocab.getty.edu/page/aat/300202638
Decoration: fol. 4r, 6r: full borders of ornamental fruits and flowers
PURL: vocab.getty.edu/page/aat/300010252
Illustration: Full-page miniature in an arched compartment depicting the presentation of the manuscript by Guillaume Fichet to King Edward IV
PURL: www.iconclass.org/rkd/61BB2…30/
Field: Script [Carrier]
Value: Roman typeface
PURL: vocab.getty.edu/page/aat/300202638
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